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About us

We are the first NGO supporting and training women as well as building a culture of

gender equality in the tech industry

Our mission

Social Builder is a leading French NGO aiming at empowering women in the tech industry.

Our mission is to massively engage women from every social background – either unemployed women or women at risk of losing their jobs because of digital transformation – in digital careers.

To ensure their long-term employability, we have developed innovative training programs including both technical and leadership skills.

At a time when the digital sector is in full growth and digital skills are highly strategic for professional careers, fewer and fewer women are joining the tech industry. In France, only 27% of IT jobs are held by women. This situation severely impacts women employability in the short – and long-term, refrains women contribution to the economy and society, and reinforces professional inequalities.

Social Builder’s objective is to create the largest community of women, tech professionals, civil servants, and trainers dedicated to empowering women in the tech sector by 2023 worldwide.

Our approach

Social Builder is constantly innovating in order to support women from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, create an inclusive digital culture and develop a large community of digital professionnals and partnerships. 

Our work hinges around three “pillars” of concrete actions: 

  • Social Builder Academy to inspire, empower & train women - 26 500 to date in France

  • Social Builder Lab to strengthen the capability of digital ecosystems, create change makers and conduct lobbying actions

  • Social Builder Corp to promote a culture of diversity and gender equality in companies

Help us to achieve our worldwide goals and become a partner: