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About us

We are the first NGO supporting and training women as well as building a culture of

gender equality in the digital economy in France.

Our mission

Social Builder is a non-profit organisation that works for a gender diverse and equal professional digital world. Based in Paris and Lyon, we conceive a variety of training programs and individual support for women, professional networks and companies. Social Builder is also an action and reflexion lab, combining different ranges of expertise in gender diversity and the digital economy. 


We have trained 26 500 women in France so far.






The digital sector in France registers a strong growth with 36 000 jobs created every year(Syntec). Despite this fact, women still find dificulties to be part of the ecosystem. They only represent 27% of digital employees in France (Syntec) and 9% of entrepreneurs. That is why we think that digital needs women, and women need to be digital.

Our approach

Social Builder is constantly innovating in order to support wowmen from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, create an inclusive digital culture and develop a large community of digital professionnals and partnerships. 

In order to adress these issues, we work through different actions: